It is not very often one is fortunate enough to find quality by chance. It usually takes searching and research and talking to people and even then you can hire someone who is not competent. We were extremely fortunate to stumble upon Manfredia’s Carpentry in the yellow pages when we were looking for a construction company to make the necessary adaptations for our elderly mother to live with us. That was three years ago and we are just as thrilled with the work today as we were then.

Because we were so extremely satisfied with all aspects of the work completed by Wally and his crew, we just recently had them do a total kitchen remodel. Wally was always willing to discuss the plans and make adjustments until they were just what we wanted. Not only does our new kitchen look fantastic but we are extremely happy with it. We have had other contractors complete work for us and have found that there are many reasons that Manfredia’s Carpentry is an outstanding company.

1. They arrive when they say they will be there.
2. They complete the job when they say they will.
3. They clean up each day.
4. Wally discusses the project and makes sure that he understands what you want.
5. He and his crew behave in a professional manner 100% of the time.
6. We never worried about leaving them in the house without us there.
7. Wally was always fair in his pricing.
8. The finish work is fantastic.
9. He stands by his work and will fix any problems quickly.
10.There are never any surprise costs added.

“Manfredia’s Carpentry is a top quality construction company that we would whole-heartedly give an A+ rating to.”
Deb, Glen Mills
“Always a pleasure to work with Manfredia Carpentry. Prompt, Courteous, Professional, Fair Price, Pride in Their Work. Never have to worry about coming home to a mess, they always clean up! We continue to use Manfredia for work that is needed at our home.”
Paul, Glen Mills
“We hired Wally’s company in 7/10 for a home office and in 10/10-3/11 for an almost total home remodeling job. He was reliable, honest, meticulous, and hard-working. We had to have him back in 4/11 when his sub’s pipe burst. But he was very solicitous and quick to make us whole at no expense. Obviously, he stands by his work and that of his subs. Despite the mishap, I would recommend him to anyone.”
Jack, Media
“Wally and his crew from Manfredia’s Carpentry were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. When other contractors we spoke with tried to sway us away from our original ideas, Wally gave us without question, exactly what we wanted which was a family room and basement bedroom with full bath addition. Wally also installed our new roof, hardwoods, trim and painted our home. He did a beautiful, clean job. When a problem came up, he was there immediately to resolve it. Even a year after the job was completed and there was a small leak in the ceiling, I depended on him to fix it, and he did.Their attention to detail and helpful suggestions and ideas made the project a great experience for me and my family. Now, we thoroughly enjoy the new updates to our home!”
Ann, Newtown Square
“I have had numerous work provided by Manfredia’s Carpentry both inside and outside of my home. I have been completely satisfied with the work done. I will continue to use their services when needed as they stand behind their work”
Mary, Clifton Heights
“Wally,Just wanted to again say THANKS to you, your crew and to your office staff for the courteous and professional manner in which you all did your business. It was a pleasure dealing with a company who obviously shows pride and craftsmanship on a daily basis. I will absolutely keep the MANFREDIA name handy as other home improvement projects develop.”
Michael, Bookhaven
“Manfredia’s Carpentry built, stained and incorporated new deck, ramp and railing system to home. Designed and built completely new railing system which was incorporated into deck around a contemporary style house. Also replaced and installed new free flow gutter system.”
“We wanted a deck with a ramp incorporated into it for my aging father to have easier access into our home. After interviewing several contractors I found Wally. Wally is the hands on owner and Master Carpenter for Manfredia’s Carpentry & General Contracting. After talking with Wally he had a lot of great ideas of how we should do our project. We wanted to have the deck look like it was part of the original design of our contemporary home which was not going to be an easy task and also not have the ramp look out of place. Wally hit it out of the park and understood the architectural challenge. We came up with a wooden deck and stainless steel wire system that looks great. Wally suggested this type due to the fact that we have a large wooded lot with great views this type of railing systems would not obstruct our views. So we moved forward with his suggestion. We also decided to replace the original railing around the house to match. Originally our plan was just a deck and ramp but we ended up doing much more due to the comfort level we had with Wally and his crew. In addition to the deck and railing project we had steps redesigned and replaced and a new free flow gutter system replaced around the entire house. Wally and his crew were meticulous with the details of the project. They keep the area under construction clean everyday and when they left. Wally and crew communicated with me every step of the way. Wally was easy to work with and we will use him again for other projects around our home. I would highly recommend Manfredia’s Carpentry and General Contracting. They exceeded my expectations and both Wally ,his crew, and office staff were a joy to work with.”
Chuck, Media
“Manfredia’s Carpentry has been servicing our home for many years and we are please with the work that has been done.”
Barbara, Clifton Heights
“They replaced back door, door frame, replaced damaged floor just inside of the door and installed screen door.
Wally (owner) provided the estimate and he did the work along with his team. I met them at our house at the scheduled time, they quickly attacked the job with a clear plan. I left the house and was contacted approximately 3 hours later stating the job has been done. I arrived at the house to see everything was cleaned and the job was completed as expected. I was so happy with job I asked Wally for an estimate for another job.”
Bob, Media
“Everything went very well; one issue was that the gable vents had to be custom (not known at initial eval) made and Wally was professional about it and took care of the problem at no cost to us. He is very professional.”
Ken, West Chester
“We hired Manfredia’s Carpentry this fall to finish our basement, and we couldn’t be more happy with the end result. Wally and his team are the exact people you want doing work in your home – they care about what they’re doing, their work is top quality, and they are professionals in your home – always courteous and cleaning up after themselves. Wally’s price was reasonable, and the quality we received for the job far exceeded our expectations.
With the finishing touches just being completed, we have this terrific new space just in time for the holidays, and we have Wally and his skilled team to thank. Their work is fantastic, and we are overjoyed with the results. Thank you, Wally! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Kathy, Bethel
“This is the second time we used Wally Manfredia. We had a fair amount of termite damage in the garage of a house we are selling and the work needed to be done as soon as possible. Despite his busy schedule, Wally prioritized our job and got the work done very quickly. He also inspected the property for any additional termite destruction and left the area clean when he and his crew were finished. As usual, he did a fantastic and thorough job at a more than reasonable price. We will always use his services in the future. He and his team are dependable, honest, professional and they provide top quality work at a fair price.”
Chuck, Media
“Overall this was a very positive experience. I needed to replace a kitchen window so I went to Angie’s List to find someone for the job. I made several calls only to find that nobody would come out for just one window. Then I called Manfredia and they were happy to do so. Once there for the estimate I decided to replace a basement window. The owner, Wally, is as professional as they come. He provided me with a written proposal with specifics related to the job. Once a contract was signed, my windows were ordered and installed within 10 days. The actual install couldn’t have been better. The windows look great! I was so happy with the work that I decided to go ahead and replace most of the windows. They do much more than just windows and I would certainly call them for any contracting needs I may have in the future.”
Paul, Brookhaven
“Manfredia’s Carpentry is, by far, one of the best companies anyone could ever hire. I really cannot say enough positive things about Wally, his team, and his work. We always get two or three estimates before doing a project. However, down the road, when we are ready to get our basement remodeled, we won’t even bother getting other estimates. We’ll just call Wally.”
Frank, Media
“Wally and his crew were the best. They removed paneling, old framing, and a large, old air conditioner from my mom’s living room wall. They insulated the walls, put new dry wall up and made and installed a custom window sill for the bay window. They framed everything inside the window area and around the wall. They put stucco on the outside wall where the air conditioner was that matched the finish perfectly. I have hired contractors over the past 30 years and I must say that Wally and his crew are the most meticulous I have seen. The detail work with the window was perfect. There were small grooves that needed small cuts (about 6 of them) around the window – perfect. The edging and framing – perfect. I would absolutely hire them again. It’s so nice when it’s done right!”
Diana, Havertown
“Wally and his team were just excellent! Totally trust him in our home, they are real craftsmen. Price is not always the lowest but my wife and I want quality and value. We continue to use Wally at home and at our office building.”
Paul, Glen Mills
“We have used Manfredia’s carpentry in the past and are very happy with the work. Wally had built us a very large deck about a year ago and it was now time to have the wood stained. I asked Wally for and estimate and was surprised at how reasonable his pricing was. Wally and his crew completed the job over a weekend. They kept the place clean and neat and did a great job with all the fine details that the job required.”
Chuck, Media

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